Who's Coming To The Expo?


Health providers gather at Sun City Expo to help you understand the benefits and precautions related to the use of Cannabis and Hemp.  Learn how to use Cannabis products, and when to avoid them. Stay safe, healthy and happy, with accurate information.


Did you know that Southern Alberta is a major producer of hemp? Did you know there are 100s of uses for this amazing plant? Come meet the farmers, entrepreneurs, browse our fascinating HEMP exhibit, and yes, do bring the whole family for a fun-filled learning experience in this secure area.

Professional Services

Cannabis legalization in Canada has us all wondering about so many things. Come to the Expo and speak with informed professionals. Chances are they will shed light on complicated questions or alleviate your concerns.

Economic Opportunities

Does owning a Cannabis dispensary or growing Hemp appeal to you? Are you curious about business opportunities related to our new Canadian economies?  Come meet experts in the field and explore your options.

Community Programs

Local organizations and governments have been working hard to develop regulations and programs to adequately serve the community in this new environment. They are here to showcase their accomplishments and support the citizens on this journey.

Educational Institutions

Discover how institutions are adapting to our new legislation by developing programs, curriculum, and regulations to ensure a smooth transition for Canadians.  Find out what new, exciting and rewarding careers are on the horizon and sign up quickly!